LAPD Acts of Kindness

Well, well, well!! It appears as though not all officers within the LAPD are evil and corrupt. On the contrary, there are quite a few who make simple attempts to shake off that stigma by helping the community and the people within it. Take for example Officers Bernard Khalili and Trevor Ingold. These two gentlemen went above and beyond by showing some compassion to a homeless man over Christmas. It’s rumored the homeless man worked for a tow truck service but lost his job due to economic instability. Though, this has yet to be verified. Officers Khalili and Ingold drove the homeless man to a Ross Dress For Less in Hollywood over two hours away to purchase him a new shirt, new shoes and a jacket. However, the Christmas spirit didn’t stop there. Turns out bystanders were moved by the selfless act of the officers. So much so, that they chipped in to purchase more clothes for the homeless man. I say selfless act because thess officers were not trying to draw attention to themselves or what they were doing. They were simply helping another human being who needed it. It was a bystander who took it to the news saying, “It was an amazing sight to see. They are, I wanna say, angels in disguise. God bless them and keep them safe. This is something that you don’t see very often.” The LAPD was unaware of the incident and wouldn’t have known unless the bystander came forward. LAPD Sgt. Calderon states “We never would’ve known unless we would’ve got the phone call from ABC. Officers do this, not looking for attention. They realize that their job here is not just to enforce laws and take to people to jail. They see and need and they fill it.” It’s fortunate for them that sometimes people notice and bring it to light. Thank you to these boys in blue who protect and serve their community.

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