Let’s Tie This Up!

Here’s another story of the LAPD stepping up to serve the community. In Boyle Heights, Los Angeles two police officers assisted a young man of 14 years old who was headed to his orientation for high school. Nervous and hoping to fit in the freshman Christopher Cazales wore his uniform for his I.D. card photo. As he and his mother, an employee at a paper shredding company, hurried to the school Christopher watched a few online videos to try and tie his tie. Seeing her son struggle with the tie she stopped and Christopher flagged down two nearby officers, Jonathan Maldanado and Alberto Ladezma, to help him tie his tie. The officers jumped into action and helped the young with his tie so he could look his best. His mother captured the moment and posted the photo on social media. The act of kindness of these two veteran officers caused the photos to go viral. LAPD Capt. Martin Baeza said “This goes into having trust in your community and knowing that we are part of the community. That we are there to help, whether it’s to tie and young man’s tie or to handle a robbery that just occurred.” Christopher changed his outlook toward the police saying “It’s nice to know that some of them are actually nice and will help.” It goes to show that there are good cops who understand they are in a position to help, protect and serve their community.

Serving the Community Beyond Law Enforcement!

Here’s a story of the LAPD assisting a mother with a terminal illness in throwing a quinceanera (a party in Latin American culture when a girl transitions into young womanhood at age 15) for her daughter Jazmine.  The LAPD Central Area police division has outreach programs around the area where she lives with her mother, Beatriz, a single mom working for a landscaping company.  It was at one of these outreach programs where Jazmine told a group of officers that her mother had a terminal illness and wished to give her daughter a quinceanera before she died.  When Sgt. Janet Kim heard Jazmine’s story she immediately took action and rallied her fellow officers along with local businesses to celebrate the teen’s transition.  Local businesses and community organizations all joined together to have a celebration that would indeed make the wishes of both the teen and her mother come true.  LAPD Community Relationship Division Captian Ruby Malachi told People.com “The more people who found out about it, the more it grew. We had business owners from all over that wanted to make this a huge success for this little girl.”  A local clothing store provided Jazmine with a new dress and matching shoes to wear for her special occasion.  A limo picked her up and brought her to the Bella Sala Banquet Hall.  A caterer provided food for the party while a local bakery provided the cake.  You could even say the officers provided the entertainment by serenading Jazmine with the help of a mariachi band.  But all this paled in comparison to the mother-daughter dance shared by Jazmine and Beatriz.  Kim told People.com “I could tell [Beatriz] was experiencing a little pain, but her smile was from ear to ear.  She did have to rest a lot, but she was like me – an emotional wreck the whole night.  I think it was definitely a dream come true.”  As for Jazmine, she was thankful to LAPD Central Area and humbled by the generosity of the business owners telling the news “I never expected this to happen.  I’m happy to be here having my party and I invited a lot of friends.”  Thank you to the LAPD who go above and beyond protect and serve their community.

LAPD Acts of Kindness

Well, well, well!! It appears as though not all officers within the LAPD are evil and corrupt. On the contrary, there are quite a few who make simple attempts to shake off that stigma by helping the community and the people within it. Take for example Officers Bernard Khalili and Trevor Ingold. These two gentlemen went above and beyond by showing some compassion to a homeless man over Christmas. It’s rumored the homeless man worked for a tow truck service but lost his job due to economic instability. Though, this has yet to be verified. Officers Khalili and Ingold drove the homeless man to a Ross Dress For Less in Hollywood over two hours away to purchase him a new shirt, new shoes and a jacket. However, the Christmas spirit didn’t stop there. Turns out bystanders were moved by the selfless act of the officers. So much so, that they chipped in to purchase more clothes for the homeless man. I say selfless act because thess officers were not trying to draw attention to themselves or what they were doing. They were simply helping another human being who needed it. It was a bystander who took it to the news saying, “It was an amazing sight to see. They are, I wanna say, angels in disguise. God bless them and keep them safe. This is something that you don’t see very often.” The LAPD was unaware of the incident and wouldn’t have known unless the bystander came forward. LAPD Sgt. Calderon states “We never would’ve known unless we would’ve got the phone call from ABC. Officers do this, not looking for attention. They realize that their job here is not just to enforce laws and take to people to jail. They see and need and they fill it.” It’s fortunate for them that sometimes people notice and bring it to light. Thank you to these boys in blue who protect and serve their community.